Our platform allow
the management of investment clubs in crypto.

The « investment club » structure offers participants with a limited budget an active way to learn about the field of crypto and profit at the same time.

Even if there exist many offers to get involved and thrive in the blockchain ecosystem, our team is committed to providing equal opportunity and education to all new participants.

Are you curious to learn more about the crypto world. You certainly do not want to miss an opportunity and be guided by experts in our community. It's time to take part in this new revolution!

Problems & Solutions

Although crypto offers an opportunity to all individuals who want to get involved, accessibility is sometimes limited to the big players.

Lack of Knowledge problem

Not only is the technology innovative and requires a new way of thinking, several technical points must be mastered in order to make good choices and to succeed in profiting from crypto.

The best opportunities may be too expensive

Initially, during the early 2010s, individuals could participate with a simple computer and with a minimal investment.

This is no longer the case today!

Some large companies have emerged and are now benefiting from the bulk of the revenues.

These companies have the financial and human resources to sniff out the good opportunities giving them a major lead over independent individuals.


Unity is strength

We propose to train people and bring together our resources to be able to win this race.

Crypto and blockchain were created specifically for the people, not for centralized companies. Let's end this trend where the wealthy always have the advantage.

To join « CryptoClubs » is to show that you want to know more, while participating according to your means.

Crowd Funding for the Crowd

Our group proposes the creation of a Token (0xCC) which will be transformed into Coin with its own blockchain. Amounts received (in bitCoin) for the purchase of token will be used to invest in activities that generate income (mining rig, masternodes and also crypto-currency trading that have a good return potential).

This Crowd funding is unique because it is done by you and for you.

Start of crowd funding

October, 2018

Number of tokens created

100,000 0xCC (1%)

Token price

0.0015 BTC(about 10 $ CAD)


Receive a share of profits

Accepted for the purchase

BTC (others to come)

Participation (min / max)

1 / 20 Tokens

Token sale is ON (max: 100K)
25 000 50 000 75 000 100K
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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to the most asked questions. If you have other questions, contact us using the form below.

Why should I join?

Our project is to provide a web platform for a community of beginners and experts in the field of crypto. We offer crypto education for those who want it and according to your financial capacity we offer you the opportunity to invest.

How do I participate?

It's simple, you register for free, you consult your private area to understand the opportunities you are being offered. When you're ready, you buy one or more Token (s) using your bitCoin wallet from your private area
(Min: 10 $ USD, Max: 200 $ USD).

Why do I have to pay in bitCoin?

The easiest and most universal way to take payments in all countries is cryptocurrency. We use the platform to buy your tokens. Fiat currencies are not considered. The first lesson we give you is « how to get and trade bitCoin »".

Will you accept other types of payments in the future?

We plan to add other types of crypto-currencies including our own currency 0xCC in 2019. We do not plan to allow the purchase in fiat currency. On the other hand, we will set up a fiat-crypto means of exchange in 2019

Why are you raising money?

90% of the funds are returned to our members. Of these 90%, 40% are used for marketing, so to pay you, and the rest 50% are used to invest in MasterNodes and for the purchase of crypto mining equipment. These activities generate profits that are redistributed equally among the equity holders. 10% of the funds are for management costs related to the system and disbursements.

Why is there a limit for the Token sale?

This crowd funding has for goal to enrich token holders.

When the blockchain for our 0xCC coin will be launched, the tokens held by the members will be converted to 0xCC coins and future coins will be generated by mining and masternodes activities.

What is a Token (0xCC) ?

The 0xCC token is a guarantee to receive the 0xCC coin when the blockchain is active. Therefore, all tokens purchased during this pre-launch period will be converted to the coin 0xCC - a Coin for each token.

What is the 0xCC Coin ?

This is the new cryptocurrency we create that allows you to trade for other cryptocurrencies. Club management services in our platform will be paid using the 0xCC coin (in 2019).

What value has this 0xCC Token?

It's up to the market to value it. That being said, unlike many other tokens and crypto-currencies, your token is backed by a TRUE value, that is, the value of the revenue generated by our mining and masternode businesses. A large part of the money (50% of the sale of tokens) is invested in crypto projects.

How is the value of the token calculated?

The value is always subjective, depending on the market, but since we invest in crypto activities that offer a certain return, the token 0xCC is calculated according to the value of all our investments to which we add the accumulated yield divided by number of tokens.

Why crypto-clubs?

You know the saying "Unity is strength"! It is on this principle that we have created this platform (official launch scheduled Q1 2019). Investing in crypto requires time and money. By bringing together people who share the same desire to learn more and understand the potential, it becomes possible for everyone.

Can I create my private club with friends?

Yes, that's the goal of our program. We offer you a complete platform to manage your club, including accommodation. Keep in mind that the first club is managed by our experts and the sales revenue of the tokens are attributed to this club only.

Do I have to create a club to participate?

You are not obliged to create a private club to get started. A few clubs created and managed by our members will be made public - and the is the initial club Founder's CryptoClub that is created for this pre-launch period.

What is affiliation?

Affiliation allows us to reward members who refer other members. To find out more, register for free and consult the documents in your private area.

Am I obliged to affiliate members?

NO! You have no obligation to recruit other members because our plan does not require it to get paid, unlike many other programs.

How does your affiliate plan work?

Sign up for free and consult the documents in your private area.

What are the long-term projects for affiliates?

We already have very good proposals for income-generating and humanitarian projects coming up. In the very near future, we will announce them. These will offer immediate revenue potential to all our members. To be continued...

Why does there seem to be an end to this program?

In reality, there is no end to the program. However, there are only 100,000 tokens for pre-launch. The referrals you have made will continue to bring you income but in different and more rewarding ways in the long run. A subscription fee will be taken for our private crypto club management services, and this revenue stream will generate for our affiliates. Other projects are planned ...

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